Apartment for Rent

D.D. House Apartment is located in Nawamin 85 Alley, 600 meters from the alley’s entrance, 8 floor-high, containing 75 rooms with wide space and full facilities, ready to move in, very convenient to access, in a quiet atmosphere. It can answer all living needs with full services of cleanliness, convenience and safety.

Contractor for Home/Factory

Professional service in construction-renovation based on 30 years of work experience in construction and property development fields, we are able to gain trust from customers for our professional services in constructing-extending building, solving crack-leakage-heat problems, driving in bored pile, as guaranteed by our slogan “know the job and know your mind”.

Lightweight Steel Structure

Ready-made structure made of hot dip galvanized high tensile steel with symmetrical cross section specifically used for a building with pole-to-pole span of up to 30 meters without a middle pole. This structure is stronger than light lip channel steel which is used for less than 7.5 meters span, assembled by 10 mm nuts and able to absorb pressure 10 times better than assembling by screws.

Selling and Driving in Concrete Pile
Floor Planks

Floor planks used are pre-stressed concrete slab, which looks like paper cross section with the width of 35 cm, thickness of 5 cm, laying close to each other. The top looks neat without having to cement when topping with concrete.

Built-in Furniture
Crack-Leakage-Heat-Clogged Pipe
Training on Foam-House Construction

Opening the gate to new construction innovation by EPS foam

Get to know EPS (Expandable Polystyrene) foam

This innovation was developed from Poly Styrene foam via polymerization polystyrene process mixing with fire retardant and heating with stream, then becoming white EPS foam granule. After that, it will be forged in to different shapes depending on the mold (shape molding) or into blocks (block molding) and cut and elaborated into desired size or shape such as foam blocks for making road, bridge-neck, cool room wall, etc.

Property selling-buying agent

Selling service for detached house, attached house, condominium, commercial building, apartment, land, with free advertisement

  • >> A member of Real Estate Agent Club of Thailand
  • >> Advisor for financial institutes auction of properties from Legal Execution Department
  • >> Trading center of apartment and condominium