Contractor for Home/Factory

Contractor for Home/Factory

Professional service in construction-renovation based on 30 years of work experience in construction and property development fields, we are able to gain trust from customers for our professional services in constructing-extending building, solving crack-leakage-heat problems, driving in bored pile, as guaranteed by our slogan “know the job and know your mind”.


Principle of 5 Good Points ..

We operate by holding on to the principle of 5 good points including

  • 1. good materials
  • 2. good tools
  • 3. good technicians
  • 4. good construction technique
  • 5. good advice after handover.


We provide service on ..

  • >> designing construction work in a full range
  • >> inspecting old and new buildings
  • >> decorating-adding on structure
  • >> repairing and renovating building
  • >> solving crack-leakage-heat problems
  • >> fixing building movement issue
  • >> driving in pre-stressed concrete pile
  • >> improving drain problem
  • >> unclogging toilet pipes


With our strong will to make all works excellent, we prioritize customer’s satisfaction and pay attention to every step so that everything is effective.

With our work

TRIPLE A PROPERTY CO.,LTD. is a company which operates on design and construction. The types of work currently operated include construction of home residence, commercial building, office building, renovation, and all kinds of addition. With more than 13 years of experience, we are skilled and capable of giving advice to customers very well. We do hope to gain your trust in giving us a chance to create a quality and impressive work for you…

Our work is closely supervised by engineers, architects, professional foremen without leaving workers to do it by themselves.

  • >> Materials used are grade A quality with high standard to produce neat, secure and strong work in a cost-saving price
  • >> We are ready to give consultation and house design for free
  • >> Work quickly and finish in time
  • >> Build and design a house based on the customer’s budget for a peace of mind and reducing a burden on expenses
  • >> Currently, there are many houses under construction in Bangkok area. Our services are guaranteed by professionals with more than 30 years-experience
  • >> Which include picking an auspicious day, setting up a spirit house, checking Feng Shui, picking auspicious time for housewarming ceremony, organizing opening ceremony of a building by a famous Feng Shui master for auspiciousness in beginning a stage of life and business to proceed smoothly
  • >> Constructing and designing for free. If we are allowed to do construction
  • >> We provide work guarantee: 5 years for structure work, 1 year for architectural work


Handled by Team of Professionals