Floor planks

Floor Planks

Floor planks used are pre-stressed concrete slab, which looks like paper cross section with the width of 35 cm, thickness of 5 cm, laying close to each other. The top looks neat without having to cement when topping with concrete.

This material works as a mold and part of weight bearing structure to strengthen and fasten the work. Cement can be used to seal the joint and painting can be done on top immediately without pasting cement. There are protruding steel handle from the concrete to hold with the overlay concrete tightly as the same sheet.

It is suitable for construction of building, office, detached house, and general residence. This material can help the construction to finish quickly and save cost. The building will be secure, strong, and beautiful too.

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Size for your application
 35 5  3
35 5 3.5
35 5 4