Foam House Construction Training

Foam House Construction Training

Opening the gate to new construction innovation by EPS foam

Get to know EPS (Expandable Polystyrene) foam

This innovation was developed from Poly Styrene foam via polymerization polystyrene process mixing with fire retardant and heating with stream, then becoming white EPS foam granule. After that, it will be forged in to different shapes depending on the mold (shape molding) or into blocks (block molding) and cut and elaborated into desired size or shape such as foam blocks for making road, bridge-neck, cool room wall, etc.

Excellent qualifications of EPS Foam

EPS foam has excellent qualifications over other materials with high density and flexibility, being able to prevent stream permeability well and easy to forge into different shapes, cost saving, light, and helpful for force or weight transfer, able to hold attacking pressure, suitable for using as a container, supportive of vertical weight transfer without being misshaped, suitable for construction work.

Environment and EPS Foam

To save the environment, CFCs is not used in producing EPS Foam. Since CFCs has low evaporation point, it is difficult to store as raw material granules. Therefore, CFCs is never used in making EPS Foam. Also, EPS Foam which has been used is able to be recycled.

What can foam be used for?

After shaping, foam can be used for making kitchen counter, artificial stone, wall, flooring, Moai (sculpture), coffee shop on street, the whole house, wrapping up a building for heat prevention or decoration, making staircase, or many other things. Foam is useful for construction and similar fields such as making furniture, artificial waterfall or stones. EPS Foam is highly durable after cementing. Once spraying cement and assembling into a building, it will be durable for more than 150 years, according to an international research.

With various utilities of EPS Foam, training of home construction by foam has been arranged as a guideline in developing and applying the knowledge in daily life or operating business further.

Foam Training and Learning Center

Currently, there are 4 following centers.

  • 1. Ban Foam Nawamin, D.D.House Building, Nawamin 85 Alley, Tel: 02-379-0780 ,02-379-1818
  • 2. Ban Foam Kanchanaburi, Tel: 089-531-6291 (Ms.Suree)
  • 3. Ban Foam Muang Non or Mr.Paint Muang Non, Tel: 091-789-3563 (Mr. Sanchai)
  • 4. Ban Foam Kon Kaen, Kon Kaen Province, Tel: 099-073-9379 (Mr. Kla), 061-078-7837 (Mr. Tanu), 094-378-9443 (Mr. Anu)


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