Lightweight Steel Structure

Applications for 1-5 storey house

  • >> Worker’s camp
  • >> Elevated stage
  • >> Architectural plan model

Applications for warehouse

  • >> Livestock farm
  • >> Mobile temporary camp
  • >> Small factory with less than 30 meters span

Lightweight Steel Structure

Ready-made structure made of hot dip galvanized high tensile steel with symmetrical cross section specifically used for a building with pole-to-pole span of up to 30 meters without a middle pole. This structure is stronger than light lip channel steel which is used for less than 7.5 meters span, assembled by 10 mm nuts and able to absorb pressure 10 times better than assembling by screws.Ready-made structure made of hot dip galvanized high tensile steel, designed by advanced technology, cut by CNC machine, commanded by 3D designing program to reduce system errors. With these elements, the building structure is strong with accurate dimensions and complete. Our installation service is also performed by highly experience technicians to provide fast and reliable work for roof structure, bearing wall, and ready-made flooring.


Roof Truss Black Steel Roof Structure
 Hot Dip Galvanized Steel (G550) or Aluzinc (AZ150)  Steel Material  General galvanized paint with many quality grades depending on the contractor’s choices, which is difficult to control
Galvanized high strength bold in 10 mm  Extension  Steel is heated from welding and becomes rusty even after getting painted.
 High strength steel G550 5,500 ksc  Steel grade  Black steel SS400 , 2,400 ksc
 Steady and consistent steel quality  Quality  Unsteady quality, incomplete/light steel
 Designed by 3D program to ensure the strength to hold weight and resist wind force from storm  Design  Being used based on different technicians’ experience and ordered by rough estimation including some extra just in case
 Cutting, drilling, and forging the product from factory based on actual length required by using CNC machine which is correct and accurate  Production and Installation  Manually measuring and cutting product on site
 Already galvanized, no need to waste time for repainting and getting dry  Painting and Cleaning up  After welding, rust-preventive painting is to be done. It takes many days to get dry.
Detached house takes 1-3 days while attached house and livestock farm take 3-7 days  Installation Period  5-7 days depending on the abilities
 Easy to inspect  Quality Inspection  Poor welding which is difficult to check if rust-preventive painting is done around welding

Roof Structure Advantages

Steel cross section is developed from advanced research in USA to use for TRUSS floor and roof. Particularly, since symmetrical cross section does not cause twisting, it can increase the ability to hold the force. Roof structure span can be up to 30 meters and floor structure 8 meters without central support.Flooring structure is TRUSS structure which can be as wide as 8 meters and able to hold as much as 4000 kg/sq.m. Flooring material is fiber cement board of 18 mm thick which is easy to install quickly and strong. It can be covered with tiles and laminate immediately. System work can be set up inside TRUSS flooring structure.

System work can be decided since the designing step. The machine will drill a hole of 28 mm for electricity and water supply piping works, which can be performed more easily and quickly than cutting a brick wall.
For residence work which focuses on energy saving, it can be wrapped by fiber glass insulation in the gap between the walls which can prevent heat 3 times better than plastering work.

The structure is wrapped by moisture barrier which can prevent moist from entering into the house and release moist outside.


Wall joint is installed following Australia’s standard. All joint materials are made of cement welding product to reduce cracks and leakage.